Synthogy Ivory
Synthogy Ivory

Ivory, Piano acustico virtuale from Synthogy.

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songboy 29/04/2009

Synthogy Ivory : Recensione di songboy (content in English)


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I have been using synthogy for approximately 2 months. What I like about it the most is it is by far the best Piano emulation I have ever personally heard. Very realistic and surprisingly warm (for a reproduction that is). Well, what I like about it is the sheer beauty and quality of the sound. Now, if you played a real grand piano and then played this program through the best speakers in the world, I am sure that you would still be able to tell the difference. I doubt they will ever achieve the perfection of wood, strings, felt, steel, and all the rest. But, for throwing in a piano track on your next recording, or playing small and bars and whatever else you deem not worthy of the real thing, this will certainly satisfy. My only problem is not even a fair complaint as it has to do with the cpu/ram/hard drive space consumption of the program. Its not a fair complaint because those are exactly what it takes to make it sound so well. As for other models I have used hardware emulations found on various synths (Korg TR, Korg xjd5, Roland JV1010) and also software synths like the programs included in Reason and Logic 8. The soft synths were actually way better than the hardware synths. This program costs around $320. Thats kind of pricey, but overall, its worth it for the average gigging musician all the way up to the regular touring musician, in my opinion. Well, I also want to mention that it installed ok. It was kind of a process and it took awhile to install all 10 library discs. But, after all that, it has been running fine and works great in Logic/Mainstage. I haven't used the standalone yet because I usually just use Mainstage for all my programs. I use a Macbook with 2.2ghz processor and 4gb of ram. So far it handles the load very well. I have heard of another piano program that is supposed to be revolutionary. I believe it is called Pianoteq, or something like that. I will certainly be checking that out.