4Front TruePianos
4Front TruePianos

TruePianos, Piano acustico virtuale from 4Front.

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DJ Henny 24/09/2011

4Front TruePianos : Recensione di DJ Henny (content in English)

"Great piano VST"

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This VST works brilliantly on most setups. I've used it on a laptop with a single core pentium processor, a low end desktop PC (1.8GHZ pentium and 1gb ram) as well as my current (2.5GHZ Core2Quad & 4GB ram) and it runs equally as brilliant on both. The install is painless and extremely simple and the layout of the VST is great. All the presets are separated into modules that have images representing them. True Pianos is a very very stable VST from my experience. I have had no crashes at all coming from it and it has worked with expansions added into it too. You can download many expansion packs for this plugin. I have used this plugin for most of my music and I would literally be nowhere without it. I have used this plugin in both FL Studio 9 and Ableton Live, and encountered 0 problems with it. The piano presets taht come with this plugin are brilliant and are better than any other VST i've used of such a small size. They are all industry standard piano sounds. The only problem is some third party expansions have not worked as well as the original presets, and don't come categorized. There is great customization options available within the plugin that allow you to customize the piano sound that you want to achieve. The sounds can be effect heavy but they are easy to disable from the interface. The only downside to the actual sounds are the lack of modelling oppurtunitys, so people who want to tweak sounds heavily would probably not have much joy from True Pianos. This is expected though as it is not a synth based plugin, but is a sample based plugin. Knowing what I do after purchasing, I would not hesitate again as it is an integral part of my production.