EastWest Quantum Leap Stormdrum
EastWest Quantum Leap Stormdrum

Quantum Leap Stormdrum, Percussione virtuale from EastWest.

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DJ Henny 12/03/2011

EastWest Quantum Leap Stormdrum : Recensione di DJ Henny (content in English)

"Brilliant percussive sounds."

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This VST installed brilliantly and as it should. It has worked nicely on just the one of my computers. I have used it on a low end computer (1.8GHZ pentium and 1gb ram) as well as my current (2.5GHZ Core2Quad & 4GB ram). On the low end PC it suffers from crashing, latency, lag and generally is unpleasant to use. This is because of the resources this VST demands. It is huge on the RAM and is really worth it in the end though. On the high end computer it worked amazingly and the sound quality is perfect. It installed perfectly and runs brilliantly apart for the odd few hiccups on loading a sound while the song is already playing. The library is easily accessable on the main window. They are all nicely organised through what types of percussion it is and what genre of music they come under. It works nicely in both of the DAW's that I use, Ableton and FL Studio.


This sample set does take a long time to load in as it is Kontakt based, and a lot of the files are huge on the RAM usage. However the quality of the sounds make up for this, and these drums are brilliant for almost any type of music creation. I would even reccomend these to The-Dream as they have his type of percussion sounds in it. This is stable enough, however there can be issues with crashing when loading a new sound as the track is playing in FL. The obvious solution to this is save often and remember not to change the sound type when the track is playing so it won't crash. I have been using this sample pack for a few weeks now and have used pretty much every sound there is in the pack.


These drums are brilliant if used in the right way. They can be used for film scoring, orchestral music, RNB, and I'm sure they could even be incorporated into standard hip hop production too. The sound quality is amazing and the effects already added to the sounds are spot on perfect. Of course these can be removed and tweaked at any time. I am so glad I got this drum set now as they have really inspired me to make more music and given me lots of new ideas for songs. I would go as far as reccomending these to any producer in the world, even professionals if they haven't used it already as the sound quality is second to none.