Yamaha FP7210
Yamaha FP7210

FP7210, Single Bass Drum Pedal from Yamaha.

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BGugino 29/08/2008

Yamaha FP7210 : Recensione di BGugino (content in English)


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I first started using the Yamaha FP7210 pedal about a year ago when I started playing in my school’s Jazz band. When I first saw it, it was set up on a whole Yamaha set. After hearing nothing but good things about Yamaha’s pedals and hardware, I was excited to get playing on it to say the least. But like all things, it has its pros and its cons.
I’ll start out with the pros of the Yamaha FP7210 pedal. I have always loved the nice, simple look that all of Yamaha’s pedals have so seeing that gave it a good impression right off the bat. When I first sat down on the drum set, I set my foot on the pedal and found that it was just about the perfect size for my foot which is a definite plus. The next thing that I noticed, once I actually started playing, what that the pedal was very comfortable and easy going. Wasn’t too hard to press down, but didn’t have a slow rebound; It worked well with my foot. Lastly, I love a pedal that can handle a nice “heel-toe” method flawlessly, and not to any surprise, this pedal did that. A lot of different pedals I played on it was always just really awkward to get a nice solid heel-toe out of it.

Next, onto the cons of the Yamaha FP7210 pedal. Really there is only one bad thing that I noticed about this pedal. That being the simplicity of the bass drum beater. It was just a real standard felt covered beater; Nothing that a little cash couldn’t upgrade. I would just like a little more personal beater sound, versus the standard.

Overall, the Yamaha FP7210 pedal is great. Everything from its looks, function and the Yamaha name all caught my eye. Just change that beater and you’ll be just fine. Hope this helped!