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moosers 17/01/2011

Tama CAMCO : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Tama Camco is a kick drum pedal for use within the context of a full drum kit. I don't know if this comes standard with any Tama drum sets or not, but we've got one at the studio where I work and don't have any matching kit with it. For this reason I believe it's sold as a separate kick drum pedal for use with any drum set you'd like. While the pedal isn't the sturdiest of any bass drum pedal that I've played with, it's still pretty solid and will get the job done in most situations. I'm not really a drummer, but do dabble and bit and have a good amount of experience setting up and prepping drums for studio use. We also have a DW 5000 kick drum pedal, which is our main kick drum pedal, so this is really a back up in most cases. I don't have a hard time at all playing with the Camco, but it's not as smooth as the DW. I also don't find that the beater is as strong as it could be - I feel like it could be a bit bigger. While it doesn't affect the sound too much, I guess I'm just used to a bigger beater. Since I'm not primarily a drummer, as far as feel goes I might not have the most accurate opinion, but to me the Camco seems smooth enough. In general the pedal isn't the best looking or sturdiest, but more times than not I would definitely think it would get the job done. I also don't really know what these would cost, but again I'm assuming that since they don't make them anymore that they probably wouldn't be that much to buy used. If you can get one of these on the cheap, definitely look into it at least as a back up...