Radial Engineering BigShot ABY
Radial Engineering BigShot ABY

BigShot ABY, Pedale /Controller from Radial Engineering.

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nickname009 30/08/2011

Radial Engineering BigShot ABY : Recensione di nickname009 (content in English)

"great, solid ABY."

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I don't know if I'm just biased towards canadian made stuff but I have always liked radial products, they always seem to have great build quality and very reliable customer service. Even their ABY boxes are high grade steel of some sort and the switch is high quality. The Bigshot ABY is no different.

True bypass ABY amp selector with tuner out
On-board transformer to eliminate ground buzz
180° polarity reverse to phase-match amps
Compact and rugged for pedalboards
Plug and play easy to use

Quite simple to use it's an A/B and the Y is a combination so if you had 2 guitar amp rigs you can switch between the two, or you can combine both amps for an awesome sounding guitar tone!! Or, you can have 2 guitars and switch between the two. The tuner out is always a bonus. I like the fact that there's the polarity reverse to phase match amps, it's so well thought out. I've once had a 2-amp setup and used another ABY before though I do wish I had this one instead as the other one required power, this one doesn't!! Way more convenient and less tangle with cables etc! I really can’t see any fault with this pedal whatsoever, it is well made and has enough ‘options’ to satisfy anybody that needs an ABY and the fact that it’s ABY also means it’s simple enough to not need much to talk about in terms of features. It’s well-made, high quality and low noise. What more does anybody really need in an ABY? It’s actually pretty unfortunate that these aren’t flying off the shelves, radial has made a name for itself through it’s DI equipment but a lot of their pedal-oriented stuff is definitely worth taking a look at for sure! Radial!