Morley ABY Selector / Combiner
Morley ABY Selector / Combiner

ABY Selector / Combiner, Pedale /Controller from Morley.

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heads on fire 08/09/2011

Morley ABY Selector / Combiner : Recensione di heads on fire (content in English)

"Nice utility box that all musicians should have."

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This box isn't fancy, but it sure is useful. It is a durable, metal-housed pedal, with two stomp switches, and three 1/4 jacks. The jacks can be used as two in and one out, or two out and one in. This can be useful in going between two amps onstage (or both at the same time!), or going between two guitars in one amp, for quick changes without unplugging. Very cool to do a switch between a clean and dirty amp, or if one has a couple of different tunings to use throughout a set.

My personal favorite use for this pedal is in the studio. I will run one output to a guitar amp, and the other output to a direct box. The amp is miked, and I also have the direct signal to reamp as desired. Basically I'm just splitting the signal to two sources, but it is sure handy to have a box be able to pull it off cleanly.

The best part is that the pedal requires no battery to operate. It does take a 9v battery if LED status is a necessity, however. I like to have lights showing me what's going on, so I use a battery, but it's nice to know it won't cut out in the middle of a gig if the battery dies.

As far as fidelity is concerned, I feel that the sound quality is slightly compromised as compared to the regular signal - I noticed a decrease in volume about 3db between using this into an amp and running straight in. That isn't terrible if running a buffer, but it is something to be aware of.

Overall, I recommend all musicians and sound engineers to keep one of these in the toolkit - it might just save a gig or session someday.