Loop Master Standard-Mini A/B Box
Loop Master Standard-Mini A/B Box

Standard-Mini A/B Box, Pedale /Controller from Loop Master.

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moosers 17/01/2011

Loop Master Standard-Mini A/B Box : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Loop Master Standard-Mini A/B Box is a pedal that allows you to switch between two separate outputs. It's a really simple device, as it just has a 1/4" input and two 1/4" outputs with a switch to choose between the two of them. This can be used for a few different purposes, with the main usage for it being the ability to send your instrument to two different amplifiers at once. A client recently brought one of these into the studio, which doesn't have any artwork or anything on it, which to me doesn't matter since it makes the pedal cheaper. The pedal is made with quality parts, so you aren't going to lose any signal quality here at all. I'll definitely sacrifice a design on the pedal for it being well made anyway, especially with a utility pedal like this. You can do some customizing with yours as well if you so choose. There isn't much more than this when it comes to the make up of the Loop Master Standard-Mini A/B Box as it looks like their goal here was to make it as simple as possible. With this comes a very cheap price as well, which is great for everyone involved. Loop Master has all sorts of different pedals like this one that are reasonably priced and very well made. They even have a ton of different A/B boxes that come in all different sized and shapes at around the same price as this one. I think they make custom pedals as well, but as far as A/B boxes go, they have virtually every shape and size covered already. Definitely check out the full compliment of A/B pedals from Loop Master, but the Loop Master Standard-Mini A/B Box is one of the cheapest and does the job the same as the others...