SKB Stage5
SKB Stage5
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moosers 18/10/2009

SKB Stage5 : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The SKB Stage 5 is a top notch pedal board for guitar players.  While it is quite expensive, it does provide all sorts of amenities and options that make this a great pedal board.  For starters, it has a built in power strip for all of your pedals and will give you options to ensure that you can power everything that you need to on the same power strip and within the confines of the board.  There is a lot of room on the SKB Stage 5 pedal board, enough to fit about ten pedals, of course depending on the size.  If you have a lot of Boss size pedals then you can probably fit more than that, but if you have pedals that are larger like the Line 6 DL4, you won't be able to fit as many obviously.  This pedal board is definitely designed for professionals because of all of these features, but mostly because of the price for the reason that they know they will be able to get because it is indeed moslty professionals buying this pedal board.  Even if you are not a professional and are looking for one of the best pedal boards out there, the SKB Stage 5 is a great investment especially for touring musicians or for those playing a lot of shows as it really makes set up incredibly easy as you can have everything ready to go and powered up before hand.  If this was just a bit cheaper I think it would be a lot more popular, but despite the price the SKB Stage 5 is a great option for guitarists looking to make the most of their pedal boards.  All in all I would recommend checking out a few different pedal boards as there are a lot out there, but the SKB Stage 5 is definitely one of the best and needs to be considered.