Boss BCB-60 Pedal Board
Boss BCB-60 Pedal Board

BCB-60 Pedal Board, Pedaliera / PedalCase from Boss in the BCB series.

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Stormleader 25/07/2011

Boss BCB-60 Pedal Board : Recensione di Stormleader (content in English)

"Decent pedalboard after some mods!"

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I got the BOSS BCB-60 pedelboard in a trade, and it's what I currently use on stage. Stock, it can only hold 6 standard BOSS pedals, or 4 pedals and a wah. Pretty sad eh? What I did was I took out the foam, and put Velcro and a riser in the back. This way I can fit MUCH more onto the pedal board. The board itself is built decently, it's a very sturdy plastic, and the patch-bays are metal with metal jacks. I haven't had any problems with the patch-bays yet, no tone sucking, etc.

The power supply that came with it is good, for a daisy chain that is. I had to switch to a BBE Supa Charger that has isolated outlets because I was getting ground loop hum. That said, if you aren't running pedals in both the effects loop of your amp AND in front of your amp you should be fine.

What I don't like is that the latches on the case do seem a little flimsy, but so far they've held up just great. Pretty much everything on this case seems fairly high-quality in general though, and being BOSS, it probably will hold up great over time.

Overall, I am very happy with this pedelboard. It has served me well, but BOSS could have improved the original design by not using their silly foam system that absolutely wastes so much space. Would I recommend this to people? Well, somewhat. I am currently building my own pedalboard that is both bigger and angled, and I can build it cheaper than I can get the BOSS pedalboard for new, and I know it will be exactly what I want. So, if you are handy with tools, I suggest you build your own. If not, the BOSS is a good board to get.