PreSonus EyeQ
PreSonus EyeQ

EyeQ, Software parametric EQ from PreSonus.

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songboy 22/01/2010

PreSonus EyeQ : Recensione di songboy (content in English)


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There were no compatibility issues in either Ableton 8 and Logic 9.  I have not referenced the manual as I was very familiar with this type of EQ.  It is very similar to Logic 9's EQ.  Yes, the general setup and configuration is very simple.  Visual EQ's are the pinnacle of easy when it comes to EQing.  Yes, the typical functions are very simple as they are all right in front of you and you just point, click and move.


Yes, the software works well in the aforementioned programs on my macbook.  EyeQ has never crashed or lost a preset that I have made.  Also, every time I use it, when I come back, its right where I left it.  It works great and is very easy to use so I give it a 10 out of 10.  I have been using this plugin for about a year now.


What I love about this plugin is the astounding similarity to Apple's Logic EQ plugin.  Obviously I never use the eyeQ in Logic 9, no need to, but when I go to Ableton 8, I can get the same ease of use that I get in Logic when it comes to dialing in my tracks.  I guess the one thing I don't like is where they placed the "Q" parameter.  It seems they could have given this a separate knob or put it somewhere else that would be easy to access.  I honestly do not remember how much I paid for this, it might have been free with my Firepod or my Firebox.  The sound passing in and out of this plugin without any artifacts or degradation.  Using the presets or just dialing it on your own will improve (if you know what you are doing) the clarity of your tracks greatly.  The only other EQ I have used like this one is Logic 9's.  They are almost identical in function.  Yes, I would definitely get this plugin again if I needed to.  Its very nice to have a visual EQ in Ableton 8 as well.