Bomb Factory Pultec Bundle
Bomb Factory Pultec Bundle

Pultec Bundle, Software parametric EQ from Bomb Factory.

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sw80 27/10/2012

Bomb Factory Pultec Bundle : Recensione di sw80 (content in English)

"Vintage style EQ"

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The Pultec Bundle by Bomb Factory has been one of the main equalizers that I have been using over the last two years. I have not had any compatibility issues when using it with Cubase, Reason, Ableton Live or FL Studio. No matter which computer or DAW I use it in it works great. It does come with a manual that is easy to read through if you need it but chances are you won’t need it because it is that easy to operate. All of the basic functions of the Pultec Bundle are easy to access and operate. Installing and setting up the Pultec Bundle was quick, I installed it on my Windows Vista 32 bit system and it was very smooth. It gave me zero troubles during the installation and worked great. It does not take up much CPU either.


I have been using the Pultec Bundle for 2 years now and it is running at a high performance. No crashes or freezes have happened on either of my computers. You can also use the Pultec Bundle with Pro Tools, I don’t prefer to use it with Pro Tools though because my Pro Tools already has some powerful EQ plug-ins installed.


In the Pultec Bundle you will get a few vintage style EQ’s, the Equalizer EQP-1A, the MEQ-5, and the EQH-2. Each one of these plug-ins are made to model after the real vintage products. I love using all of the EQ plug-ins on vocal tracks. Using the EQP-1A has really allowed me to take my engineering skills to the next level. My least favorite thing about these plug-ins is that if you run them multiple times on the same track in the same session it will start to eat your CPU. So running it simultaneously multiple times could cause you some issues depending on how fast your computer is.