Novation Launchpad
Novation Launchpad

Launchpad, PAD Controller from Novation in the Launchpad series.

public price: 199 € TTC
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James... 09/09/2011

Novation Launchpad : Recensione di James... (content in English)

"Not quite as simple as it looks"

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Features. Well it's very basic here. It's a USB midi controller for Ableton. 64 buttons. How it works is another feature entirely. In essence, you can control almost any aspect of Ableton with this device using a bit of clever programming and some quick hands.

First of all, this unit is not as easy to learn or use as some of the youtube vids you've probably seen will have you think. I feel like I need to get that out there for anyone who's in the same boat as I was before I bought it. I have used tons of devices and have a lot of DAW and midi experience so I know it's not me. Perhaps I'm just used to keyboard style controllers but in my mind, this unit has nothing in common with anything I've ever used. It's like learning a new instrument. However, once the (steep) learning curve is over, it makes perfect sense and becomes arguably one of the most useful tools you will ever have at your desk. There are other more expensive controllers with a much easier learning phase, but I think this ones is ultimately more useful and more compact than the others. Obviously if you need sliders and don't like the way the Novation's "sliders" feel, look elsewhere. Maybe an Akai unit or something.

The launchpad probably won't replace your keyboard if you're a keyboard guy. It's not really meant to do that anyway. I actually use this more as a DJ or producer than I do as a musician. It's not an instrument in the classical sense. What's special about it is how flexible it can be. I think everyone uses it differently. Some guys use it as a songwriting tool, others use it to keep themselves on their toes creatively, and some guys just like to use one live. I like it for all these things. But it isn't the end all be all. Just a great and original unit.