M-Audio Trigger Finger
M-Audio Trigger Finger

Trigger Finger, PAD Controller from M-Audio.

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FP User 01/11/2008

M-Audio Trigger Finger : Recensione di FP User (content in English)


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The one bad thing is there is no note repeat or roll function.. in my opinion that is a major missing feature on a studio piece with pads

Price paid


as a padded drum controller this is a great little piece of equipment .. the pads are really stiff, you have to strike them with a little umph .. but the velocity is easily adjustable and the addiion of the sliders and knobs make control of additional parameters a breeze .. its a controller only so no sounds are loaded onto the piece.

the ease of use is incredible its true plug and play... all windows XP / and MAC systems should have no problem plugging in the usb cable and start bangin ... i had no problems at all .. and i bought a used one from a local music pawn shop

its a light piece of equipment feels like you could snap it in half with enough force ... but when its flat and your bangin' on it .. feels really good .. the pads have a nice stiff feel .. not as soft as a MPC pad or a fantom X6 pad.. the rubber on the trigger finger pads is a bit harder and the triggers underneath are durable .. and react well to different pressures even if you just push them hard without striking.

i like the trigger finger its a nice creature comfort studio piece .. not a must have .. but fun to bang on .. if it had more sliders and knobs to control a few more things would be top shelf

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Posted by: SInister_Keys ( 8-, 2005)