Audix BP7 PRO
Audix BP7 PRO

BP7 PRO, Pacchetto Microfono from Audix.

US public price: $975 VAT
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radiobomb 30/06/2014

Audix BP7 PRO : Recensione di radiobomb (content in English)

"nice - solid, well built."

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live & studio.


good tight pattern for stage, or multitracking a live-room. Fair price for a quality package that play nicely together as a set of mics. I chose the package for the range of mics [3 vox, 3 instru/perc, 1 bass/kick] to complement my mic-locker. I would repeat the purchase if they ever got nicked. These mics are available seperately, but more expensive than the BandPack.