Pigtronix PSO PolySaturator
Pigtronix PSO PolySaturator

PSO PolySaturator, Overdrive pedal from Pigtronix.

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moosers 30/04/2010

Pigtronix PSO PolySaturator : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Pigtronix PSO Polysaturator is a compact multi-stage distortion/overdrive pedal that I have experience using in the recording studio. The pedal is an analog one, made up of all class A parts. It's got 1/4" connections for input and output, and I believe the power supply we were using with it was one that was specifically made for it, but I'm not 100% sure on this aspect of the pedal. It isn't rack mountable in any way, as it is a stomp box that will fit in your hand.


The configuration of the Pigtronix PSO Polysaturator makes it quite easy to use. Those with some knowledge of distortion and overdrive pedals will certainly recognize the parameters on here. Even if not, they are pretty universal parameters that are almost self explanatory. It's got a series of knobs that will control your volume and gain and high, mid, and low EQ levels. The EQ ranges a full octave, so there is a good amount of sweep and control available there. A manual isn't necessary in my opinion.


The tone quality of the Pigtronix PSO Polysaturator is a very impressive one with a lot of versatility. Depending on how you set the parameters, it's possible to get a good amount of varying distortion and overdrive tones with the pedal for sure. I was an engineer on the session that we used the pedal on, so I didn't get to play around with the pedal too much, but we were getting all sorts of different sounds with it. The player was using a Gibson Les Paul into our '65 Fender Deluxe Reverb with only this pedal. The result was rich and certainly colorful. We used the pedal mostly for a heavier type of drive, not overbearing, but definitely packing a good amount of punch. It also seemed like we could get some subtle overdrive tones as well, but it wasn't really what we were after on the particular session.


I wasn't really sure what to expect with the Pigtronix PSO Polysaturator, as even though I love trying new pedals, I do enjoy using the tried and the true that I know will get the job done. Having said this, it's definitely a bit exciting when a client brings in a new pedal as it gives me the chance to explore some sounds that I otherwise would not be able to do. I've really got nothing but nice things to say about the pedal, as it is foolproof and packs a great sound. While not the most readily available pedal out there to try, if you do get the chance I'd definitely encourage you to take advantage...