Jetter Gear Red Shift
Jetter Gear Red Shift

Red Shift, Overdrive pedal from Jetter Gear.

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hthomas 27/04/2012

Jetter Gear Red Shift : Recensione di hthomas (content in English)

"Old School Marshall in a box!"

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This is a killer little overdrive by Jetter effects! It the old school marshall tones in signal stomp box! Now I am a marshall guy and I have played many pedals that were supposed to do what this pedal does. Needless to say, they didn't at all! This pedal nails it! Jetter makes great quality pedals. This thing is built to last! It's ready for war. The knobs are very different from anything I've seen before, thats small I know but to me was kinda cool. It has a toggle switch from red which is a regular plexi type tone to the shift position that is more aggressive but nothing near the modded marshalls we have today.This can be used in any application. As a boost or run it through a clean up for killer marshall tones.


This is such a simple pedal any settings on this pedal will sound good. Configuration is so simple, tone, volume, drive, toggle switch red and shift.


I've used this pedal in many different applications. Through a clean amp and through a already overdriven amp to boost it. I've used it with Les Pauls and Tele's. The sound quality is amazing. It will nail any of your favorite old classic rock tones from ACDC to Van Halen. There is tons of clarity and crunch. The mid range bark this has is what we all no and love from marshalls back in the day. Upper mid galore! One thing I find in a lot of overdrives is that the tone knobs don't sweep well but this is totally different. Any position with the tone knob works. This by far has been one of my favorite drives I've used so far!


There is nothing I don't like about this pedal. It just works for anything I feel. It's got a great crunch that is perfect. It is not super gainy so it won't hide your mistakes. It will show you need to practice much more! It's a classic sound that everyone knows and loves. It's great for the price and the price is very normal for most drives out there in the market today. This would be a awesome pedal to add to your rig, trust me you will find a place for it and a once you do, you won't stop using it!