Ibanez TS9 - Baked Mod - Modded by Keeley
Ibanez TS9 - Baked Mod - Modded by Keeley

TS9 - Baked Mod - Modded by Keeley, Overdrive pedal from Ibanez.

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Rockmonster 24/03/2008

Ibanez TS9 - Baked Mod - Modded by Keeley : Recensione di Rockmonster (content in English)


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Hmmmm..let's see... All analog, improved bypass,chip, capacitors,filaments, etc. classic overdrive reissue pedal. Good old fashioned ingredients. Texas Instruments integrated circuit. A buncha other stuff I have no idea about.
Easy knob twisting...no editing software, rack mounting, etc... just a great clean boost and/or overdrive.


Easy, easy, easy. Twist the knobs. Find your tone. No manual required, but the controls do function a bit differently than a stock Ibanez unit. The range of gain is higher, the level has become more of a clean boost...but..um. Honestly, no manual required.


Great overdrive. I mostly use my amps distortion (Voodoo labs Preamp) with this to push it into molten territory. Adds searing harmonics and "hair" to the signal... On a clean channel, this does add grit...giving a tweed overdrive characteristic...in front of my rhythm channel..all the way from Stevie Ray Vaughn to Eddie Van Halen. Lead channel...well, VH to whatever. This pedal is a bit geared toward mid tones, but won't impact your tone negatively if you have dialed your amp into a scooped metal sound.
Using this with a Strat, Les Paul, Telecaster, and some other humbucker equipped guitars, this offers something different with each. My favorite combination is using this with my Strat.. I have a Dimarzio HS-3 stacked humbucker in the bridge for this guitar. You don't typically think of a Strat as a screaming guitar..but this setup rocks. It adds harmonic richness and sustain. I am not one to say "notes leap off the fretboard"... but.. this has sure made them more "jumpy" :b

This pedal, even with the mods adds some noise to my signal, but let's face it. It IS an overdrive pedal...it IS noise!


I've had this pedal for about 4 years. The honeymoon is DEFINITELY over.... and I still love it. Tried a few different pedals before this..this being the only Keeley modded pedal I tried (sight unseen). Mmmm..value, well, that is very subjective. You can get close to this tone without the mods...but let's face it...sometimes it is worth paying an extra 50 bucks to get an extra 7% of tone on an already good pedal...pushing it into an exceptional pedal...
As far as buying a distortion pedal again...I would definitely buy this again..although I may consider the Keeley DS-1 if my financial situation was restricted...it has less of a midrange thing going, and a bit smoother gain...less gritty, but that is more of a distortion pedal..as opposed to overdrive. Hmmm... I might have to go get one anyway!