Hao Rumble Mod
Hao Rumble Mod

Rumble Mod, Overdrive pedal from Hao.

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moosers 03/02/2011

Hao Rumble Mod : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The HAO Rumble Mod is an awesome overdrive pedal that's intended for use with electric guitar. The pedal has true bypass and 1/4" connections for input and output, with standard 9 volt power being required from a power supply. It's not rackable - it's a stomp box.


It's not going to be hard to use the HAO Rumble Mod pedal at all. Even if you haven't used it before, it should be pretty easy for most users to manipulate. It's got parameters for level, color (tone), and gain, which is a pretty standard make up for distortion and overdrive pedals. It also has a mode switch which can go between drive and boost modes. No manual is necessary...


It's going to be hard to find a better overdrive pedal than the HAO Rumble Mod. Of course overdrives and distortions come in all different sound colors, and this one is no different as it doesn't necessarily sound like any other one pedal. However, it has an incredibly thick tone and is very versatile in the sounds it can achieve. It sounds awesome for getting heavier overdrive tones for rhythm and lead guitar parts, but also sounds great when used subtly at lower levels. It's awesome that there's both a boost and drive mode, as both sound great in their own ways and it really adds to the flexibility of the pedal.


The HAO Rumble Mod is the perfect overdrive pedal to add to any guitarist's rig. It's definitely a professional's pedal as it's not cheap and has a sound that will rival any overdrive pedal out there. While it's versatile, it's pretty much fool proof to use. It's not the most well known pedal out there, but should be investigated upon by all guitarists who are interested in a top tier overdrive pedal.