Danelectro D-2 Fab Overdrive
Danelectro D-2 Fab Overdrive

D-2 Fab Overdrive, Overdrive pedal from Danelectro in the FAB series.

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mooseherman 07/05/2009

Danelectro D-2 Fab Overdrive : Recensione di mooseherman (content in English)


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This is a very simple, analog distortion pedal. It's just input and output, quarter inch cables for both. It runs on a 9-volt. No mac/pc editing capabilities, no audio/midi connections, and it's not rackable.


The setup couldn't be simpler. It's a pedal with in/output, and three knobs: There isn't too much in the way of sound/effects editing. The manual is pretty clear considering how basic it is.


This pedal doesn't really sound that great. It sounds like a cheap imitation of a better pedal like the Tube Screamer (which, at $20, it basically is.) It's noisier than most overdrive pedals (which is pretty noisy in my opinion). I used a Fender Strat with this, running it through a Fender Deluxe. It wasn't quite what I expected. It sounded like they were going for a more natural, output distortion sound. The reality is, it just makes your amp a little more gritty and a lot noisier. When added to a distorted channel, it didn't make it sound any better. It just made it, again, noisier. I appreciate how cheap this pedal is, but it doesn't really justify how bad the pedal is. I'd rather pay a lot for a good pedal than spend a few bucks on a bad piece of gear, which is what this thing is.


You can't beat the price, but you can easily beat the sound. Stick with natural distortion, just by turning the amp up; it sounds better than this. If you have an amp with two channels, this thing is pretty much unnecessary. Some people might think the added push that an overdrive pedal provides is necessary. I personally agree, however, this pedal is not that pedal simply because you'll get more noise than anything else. I didn't have to use this for more than a week to realize that it's not a good pedal. I didn't really like anything about it at all, and it ended up just being a waste of time since I returned it promptly. I wouldn't recommend this pedal to anybody.