Build Your Own Clone Overdrive 2
Build Your Own Clone Overdrive 2

Overdrive 2, Overdrive pedal from Build Your Own Clone.

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Hatsubai 20/03/2011

Build Your Own Clone Overdrive 2 : Recensione di Hatsubai (content in English)

"Evolution of the OD"

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BYOC's most famous circuit has always been their tubescreamer clone. The wide range of available modifications to this circuit is beyond mind blowing. BYOC decided to step up their game and include their favorite mods in one build. This pedal includes various small toggle switches and two true bypass switches all housed in a single 125B enclosure. It's a bit cramped, but this is easily the most versatile 125B boost out there.


BYOC really outdid themselves with this build. Not only does it include nearly every mod one could possibly think of, everything is laid out nearly perfectly. If you want to increase the boost you're getting, all you have to do is step on the additional true bypass switch which brings this into insanity mode. To top it off, it's all housed in a small 125B enclosure that'll fit nearly anywhere on the pedal board. As always, the instructions are clearly laid out and easy to understand. If something were to go wrong, there are people on the BYOC forum that are more than willing to help you out with any issues that might occur. Just be sure to take clear pics, especially for this build. The components are a bit cramped in this. The reason I didn't give this a perfect score is because the 125B enclosure makes the two true bypass switches a bit too close at times. You have to pay attention to where you're stepping when hitting the switches.


The sound of this is absolutely insane. Not only can you have the famous tubescreamer circuit, but this has so much more going on. There are overdrive pedals out there on the used market that go for $500+. This can get those exact same tones and more for one fifth of the total price. For those wondering if you should get the MOSFET kit or not -- GET IT. It really makes this pedal open up even more. MOSFETs are some of the best clippers out there, and the additional few dollars is definitely worth the improved sound.


While this pedal is a bit more expensive than the normal builds, it's worth every penny. I highly recommend you get the MOSFET kit to go with this. It'll turn it into one of the best boosts you've ever heard. This kit is a little more complex, so I don't recommend this to absolute beginners, but anybody with some decent soldering skills should be able to easily assemble this kit.