Sonnox Oxford Inflator LE
Sonnox Oxford Inflator LE

Oxford Inflator LE, Other software dynamics processor from Sonnox.

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mooseherman 10/01/2011

Sonnox Oxford Inflator LE : Recensione di mooseherman (content in English)

"Interesting Dynamic Processing plugin"

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This is a plug-in made by Sonnox called the Oxford Inflator. It works much like a limiter but it has a very different quality from most limiters. I haven't had any compatibility issues with my DIGI 003 to Macbook Pro PT LE setup. It took me a few moments to install, nothing more. The functions of it (which are admittedly limited, pardon the pun) are pretty easily accessible. The manual wasn't really necessary for me as I had already read most of the information online before I purchased it, but overall, I'd say it's pretty informative if you have no idea what you're doing with this plug-in.


I've never had a software compatibility issue with this type of plug-in before this, and this was no different. It worked fine from the minute I installed it. It's a quick, fast-performance plug-in. It's never crashed or slowed down the system like some of my other favorite plug-ins do. I've never really used it on multiple single tracks, more of a full mix-type thing or a track here and there, so I don't know how much it slows down the more you use it within a session. I would assume that it is like most other plug-ins in that it would slow down once you have it open on 9 tracks or so but it honestly doesn't really seem to matter that much as it's not designed to be used on every track anyway.


I must say that this is one of the cooler effects that I have used in my time. It's great because it adds a warmth to a track that is difficult to describe. What can sound dull and lifeless starts to sound really full, rich, and inviting after using this plug-in. It's sort of like a tube compressor in that respect but without all the soul-crushing dynamic squashing that can occur if you try to push it too hard. It sounds great on vocals, acoustic instruments, pianos, and almost anything where presence and warmth is required, and loudness is needed but not necessarily possible without limiting. Overall this is a good plug-in. The price listed is for the plug-in itself but it comes cheaper if purchased within a bundle, which I recommend as Sonnox makes some really good plug-ins.