Lp Vibra-Slap
Lp Vibra-Slap
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moosers 21/09/2009

Lp Vibra-Slap : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The LP Vibra-Slap is a unique percussion instrument that you pull back and let go to create a large decaying rattle like tone.  It isn't an instrument that I use all the time, but it definitely does come in handy at times.  It comes in a few different forms, but the one that I have is the standard model.  It is also definitely kind of a humorous instrument in a way, and I usually try to use it as tasteful as possible.  It is an easy instrument to play as just about anyone can do it and it generally sounds the same every time.  The LP Vibra-Slap is a well made instrument and as long as you treat it well it should be one that you have for a long time to come.  LP is known for making all sorts of great percussive instruments, so I trust them completely when it comes to instruments like this.  The price of the LP Vibra-Slap isn't too expensive at all and like I said, since it is made well it can be one that you have for a while.  However, since it isn't a percussion instrument that is traditionally used all that often, I would only recommend getting it if you are a percussion or are interested in this in particular type of sound, rather than if you are a home studo owner looking to build up a percussion collection.  I can't say too much more about the LP Vibra-Slap beyond what I have and if you are interested in the instrument, I would definitely recommend going down to your local music shop and trying it out.  While I can't say I have ever used another type of Vibra-Slap, I can say that this is a well made instrument that sounds great.  All in all, I'm a big fan of the products that LP has to offer and will definitely vouch for the quality that they have to offer.