Zvex Box of Rock Vexter
Zvex Box of Rock Vexter

Box of Rock Vexter, Other guitar saturation effect from Zvex.

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iamqman 30/03/2011

Zvex Box of Rock Vexter : Recensione di iamqman (content in English)


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This unit is very great distortion box. it is modeled after the Marshall JTM45 which in many people's opinion was the best sounding classic rock crunch of all time. It was Marshall's first amp that could get that overdrive when cranked hard so there is an allure there to recreate this sound and tone.

I must say first that I am not a fan of overdrive pedal because I don't feel they have that natural feel and sound that an overdriven tube amp can create. So therefore my bias comes from that perspective. This pedal does an outstanding job recreating that tone from the glory days of rock.

Much like all Zvex pedals this pedal is extremely loud. I'm not an engineer but I really don't know how they are able to get a pedal sounding that loud. It really is a testament to the design team over there at Zvex.


This pedal has many applications. You can use it as a main distortion unit or you can use it as a clean boost. Since this is two in pedals on one you can get some unbelievable variations to boot.

I personally like using pedals like this as a boost function to an already overdriven high gain amp such as a Marshall JCM 800. The boost side does this quite well in my opinion.

Here are some suggestions from the manual.

The Controls:
Drive: Sets the amount of distortion. Start around 1:00 o'clock.
Tone: Adjust for treble content. Start around 2:00 o'clock.
Vol: Adjust for distortron engine volume level. Start around 9:00 o'clock.
Boost: Sets the boost level, which is engaged with the left stomp switch. Start around 11:00 o'clock.

The Drive and Boost controls are based on my original Super Hard-On gain control, so they may crackle when turned. This is perfectly normal.

Plug your guitar (or any effect’s output) into the right hand input jack. Plug the output into an amp or other effect’s input. Rock out. Careful with the Boost setting when using a high-powered amp with lots of headroom... you may be shocked at how loud it can get!

The best way to complete this pedal is to run it through a Marshall amplifier on a warm clean setting (try strapping the channels, setting the volumes below 3, and setting all other controls to 6 as a start point), which has the proper voicing to reveal the "rock" in the Box of Rock.

Battery Change:
If the performance of your pedal seems diminished or the LEDs become very dim, it's time to change your battery. Remove the four screws on the bottom of the pedal and carefully remove and replace the old battery, putting it back exactly in the center of the pedal on edge so that it is gripped tightly by the lid when it is screwed back in place.

Uses 1 9V battery (preferably alkaline, but the unit is shipped with a carbon-zinc battery.) The low current operation of this pedal's circuit will give you a long battery life. Current draw is approximately 3mA. A DC power jack (standard Boss configuration with center negative) is provided on the side of the pedal. Use a high- quality 9V adaptor for all high-gain effects!

Your Vexter Box of Rock is warranted for 1 year from date of purchase, or 2 years if you send in your warranty card.


The boost in my opinion is the best thing about this pedal. I am not really a fan of the tone that the distortion side gets since its just not my thing. However, the boost side has a great clarity and warmth that slams the front of a dirty amp quite well.

I use a Strat with this pedal along with a clean amp. I suggest using it with a Fender Twin or a Vox to get some good classic rock tones. Or use it in front of a Marshall JCM 800 or Plexi reissue. By couple ling this with a great tube driven amp you'll get some good sustaining notes coming from just about any guitar.


For what is does it does very well. This is a great little pedal that gives a solid overdrive in a small little unit. If you already have a clean amp and what to go into classic rock territory and or pop rock than this might be a great pedal to start with. At new price they come in at around $200. This is the same parts as the higher end hand painted. Great little pedal for the buck.