Randall RM 4
Randall RM 4

RM 4, Other Guitar Amp Parts & Accessories from Randall in the MTS series.

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Mattfig 12/06/2012

Randall RM 4 : Recensione di Mattfig (content in English)

"4. amps in one!"

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This is a randall rm 4 tube preamp.the rm4 for a comes with 3 tubes. An input tube, a phase inverter tube, and in effects loop buffer tube,Then it holds 3 modules each with two preamp tubes. There are 20 + modules available right now. On top of that, there is a major aftermarket of modded modules.

Since its houses four modules, you can choose any amps you want. You can choose the sl+ mod For your marshall tones, the tread plate for your mesa tones, the black face for your fender ones and Still have 1 slot left over for whatever you choose. Most stock modules are great and then the modded modules sound even more accurate and amazing. Each module simply slides in n out of any of the 4 bays. They are interchangeable in canby hotswap without issue.

I like to use singles for the fender modules such as the blackface, the deluxe and tweed. I like to use humbuckers for the marshall modulus sl plus,Plexi, and jtm. The marshall tones I think of the best in the series.Well the mesa tones are good they are not great Until you get into the modded market. After that everything is golden A.s the modded modules are absolutely stunning.
You can check out my did nigel at salvationmods.com or, my fave, jadedfaithmods.com

I have never been happier with an amp system. Its going on 2 years that I've been using it and there's been no looking back.
The price is fair considering the value of the product.
You can get them used for about 350 to 400 dollars
Egnater amplifiers also makes dual channel modules.
This system can grow and expand right there with you.