Ovation CC54i-PL iDea
Ovation CC54i-PL iDea

CC54i-PL iDea, Other acoustic-electric guitar from Ovation.

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meecow1490 18/06/2011

Ovation CC54i-PL iDea : Recensione di meecow1490 (content in English)

"My 8th and favorite guitar!"

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Guitar Specifications:

Body: Mid-Depth Cutaway

Top: Spruce

Top Finish: Satin Platinum

Bracing: Modified X

Sound Holes: iDea Elliptical

Neck: Eastern Mahogany

Neck Finish: Satin Platinum

Peghead Finish: Gloss Black

Fingerboard: Dark Rosewood

Nut Width: 1-11/16 inches (17.5 mm)

String Pitch at Nut: 1-3/8 inches (9.5 mm)

Pitch at Bridge: 2-1/8 inches (54 mm)

Fingerboard inlays: 12th fret i

Fingerboard Binding: Black

Scale Length: 25 inches (635 mm)

Bridge: Dark Rosewood

Tuners: Black Ovation

Preamp: Ovation iDea OPi-1

Pickup: Ovation Original; Black Saddles


Stereo Headphone Output

USB Connector

Display Window

Master Volume Control

Bass, Midrange and Treble EQ

Preamp Release Latch (to access battery on preamp rear)

Built-in Microphone

Built-in Tuner

Play/Stop, Repeat/Loop & Record Controls

Navigational Joystick (Menu Navigation Control)

Preamp Mounting Receptacle


For an acoustic guitar, it is very very easy to access the top notes and last frets. The hand fits easily and perfectly in the les paul style slot. For the strange shape of the sound hole, it makes an unbelievably unique and sweet sound, with no effort or modifications. The preamp is awesome, and has many built in settings that can come in handy (tuner, looper). Also, the guitar is very light weight and extremely comfortably while playing.


From this guitar, all you get is a perfect, clean sound. What i love most is the finger picking. It makes such a beautiful sound, its crazy. For the price, it is a must have.


What i like most about this guitar is the shape and look of the body. For an acoustic guitar, its very unique and quite different. If you love Ovation guitars, then this is a must have for your collection. It looks great, sounds amazing, and can absolutely do more than any other acoustic (and most electric) guitars. Honestly, for the price, i don't know why you wouldn't buy it. This guitar is going for around $250 i believe. It really should be selling for at least $1000. My only wish with this guitar is that i had bought a second one!