Hammond T200
Hammond T200

T200, Organo from Hammond.

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Bonamici 30/01/2009

Hammond T200 : Recensione di Bonamici (content in English)


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In the mid 70th I was blow away of the rich sounds from Tony Banks Hammond T-102. 30 years later I found my T-222 at "Svenska Hammond in Stockholm". Bought it and my joy and inspiration is still growing after one and a half years of playing it. I am suprised over how well it sounds in rock and progressive rock. Rich overtones, it's easy to use, the internal leslie sounds pretty good actually, the scanner vibrato is superb esp. the celeste vibrato. The T-200 is just a great find. I miss the range of the keyboard thought...


It has 4 Upper Presets:
1 - Drawbars & Percussion
2 - Strings 8"
3 - Full Tibias 16"
4 - Theater Brass 16" (Very Tony Bankish)
...and 2 Lower Presets:
1 - Drawbars
2 - Ensemble 8"

And various percussions, scanner vibratos and three fantastic string reverbs. Also you can add over tones with the "Second voice and Brilliance" function...


Here it's strength really shows up, It sounds just great, you can really hear the sounds of mid 70th's Genesis and YOU are in charge of the keys. I highly recommend this organ for Progressive/Symphonic/Metal Rock!!!


After using the T-222 for over a year now I am certain to keep it in shape, remember to fill the tone-generator Hammond oil, keep it dust free, It's my 2:nd Hammond, my first one Hammond 144J Composer (electronic) was bought by my bassplayer
I'll keep the Hammond T-222 as long as i live...