Morpheus CAPO Pedal
Morpheus CAPO Pedal

CAPO Pedal, Octaver/Harmonizer/Whammy from Morpheus.

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heads on fire 24/10/2011

Morpheus CAPO Pedal : Recensione di heads on fire (content in English)

"Good pitch shifter, but only one direction."

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Proprietary polyphonic up pitch
Up tune up to 3½ steps in
½-step increments
Full Octave Up Ttune and Octaver/ 12 string effect
Latching EFFECT ON/OFF switch
Momentary UP and TOGGLE/DOWN switches
Bright backlit UP TUNE, OCTAVE, OCTAVER, TOGGLE and EFFECT indicators
Rear panel TRIM LEVEL control with front panel LED level display
IN, OUT and power supply jacks (power supply included)
Rear panel USB port for software updates
Patent Pending
Rugged cast-metal chassis
Two-year limited warranty


Why in the world would I need to spend a couple hundred bucks on a capo pedal when I can spend a tenth of that for a capo?"
This was my thinking before I plugged in the Capo from Morpheus. However, once I did try it out, I was blown away. A few advantages this pedal has over physical capos - the guitar's entire fret range is still available, so now extra high notes are possible. Also, the fret markers are still useable - what I mean is, one doesn't have to mentally transpose what all the fret markers mean in the new key, using the Capo. The toggle functioning is cool, so one can change keys on the fly with the tap of a footswitch. Get a capo that does that!
The display is easy to use, and the manual is very easy to understand, so it's a breeze to jump right in and create with this unit.


The magic is in the polyphonic pitch shifting! Full chords still sound like a guitar, with no weird sound artifacts! The effect is magical, like the DropTune. It works wonders for gigs where one needs to adjust to horns and other instruments that don't play in "guitar keys" very much.


I like this unit. It's a solid unit for the price. I just wish Morpheus would make a combination unit of the Capo and DropTune so one wouldn't have to spend $300-400 on pitch shifting - one pedal ought to be able to do both directions.