Monster Beats by dr dre
Monster Beats by dr dre

Beats by dr dre, Nomadic headphones from Monster.

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JimboSpins 08/10/2012

Monster Beats by dr dre : Recensione di JimboSpins (content in English)

"expensive and worth every dollar"

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The Monster Beats by Dr Dre are really good headphones for a DJ, any just for listening to music. I do not recommend getting this for creating music or mixing your music with them. They are heavily induced with Bass, they are very loud and block out most all of your external noise. I originally purchased these to be a pair of DJ headphones as well as just listening headphones for when I listen to music while I workout. After using them several times I just decided to keep them for personal listening situations and not for DJ use mainly just because the price of them I just didn’t want to take them to the clubs and then they get slammed around. Because I take my headphones off and on a lot while I am in the booth and I just wanted to be careful and protect my investment in them.

The Monster Beats by Dre are very comfortable to wear though, they do not irritate your ear at all. They even make the sound coming out of my phone with I use it on my HTC phone sound better. Normally songs that are played off a phone don’t sound very good in any headphones but it sounds way better when used with Monster Beats by Dre.

When you purchase the Monster Beats by Dre they will come with a case with a solid structure to it so they don’t get crushed or damaged. All you have to do is fold them up and put them in the case for storage. These headphones cost 300 dollars when they first came out years back, I am not sure if the price has come down since then. The price is high but yes it is worth it, you have not heard music until you hear it in Beats by Dre headphones. It will open you up to how music is really suppose to sound to all of use instead of what it sounds like in cheap headphones.