TC Electronic G-System
TC Electronic G-System

G-System, Multi-effetto per chitarra elettrica from TC Electronic in the G-System series.

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Tonejunkie 24/05/2011

TC Electronic G-System : Recensione di Tonejunkie (content in English)

"Awesome unit for the right user"

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Great unit here! Lots of effects and options here. Legendary choruses, delays, reverbs, and more. Unit can be interfaced via USB to edit patches on your computer, as well as for firmware updates. The unit has a unique feature that allows it to be used totally as a floor processor, or the brains of the floorboard can be put in a rackcase for more complicated setups, however making stage setup easier at the sametime. I myself use this in a rack with a mesa mark IV head. The unit controls the amp switching for me as well as allows control of stompboxes via its built in effects loop. There are so many features here available its ridiculous. However some people still fail to see its usefullness, and I understand its not the right choice for everyone. For me personally i couldnt imagine any other way. All I need is this unit and an amp head of my choice and i have a world class rig ready to go in a tidy rackcase. When I get to the gig all i do is plug in the head to the speaker cab and run a cat5 cable from the gsystem brain to the floorboard. SETUP DONE!


Editing effects is a little complicated at first, but when you understand how the scrolling knobs work editing is a breeze. I find i like to edit by actually scrolling and twisting knobs rather then using the computer editor for some reason. The TC manual is ok, but an even better read is Laird's "White Pages", do a search on the TC forums and they are pretty easy to find. He guides you through the whole setup process very easily and methodically.


I primarily use this with my G&L legacy and a PRS CE22 and it sounds stellar with both. When this unit first hit the scene people swore they could hear the "digital converters" and all this other nonsense. I just hear a great product with a great rep buy a great company. Ive been using this live and in the studio for almost 6 years now and have never had a problem.


The only thing i feel TC shouldve added in this unit is overdrive/distortion. They even included that on the stripped down Novasystem. Another cool feature would be a looper of some sorts. With those things added i feel this unit could rule the world!!! If it did die...which it wont...i would get another in a heartbeat, would probably look into that newer Red version they are making now too.