DigiTech XP300 Space Station
DigiTech XP300 Space Station

XP300 Space Station, Multi-effetto per chitarra elettrica from DigiTech in the XP series.

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wwhhhaatt 14/07/2011

DigiTech XP300 Space Station : Recensione di wwhhhaatt (content in English)


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The Digitech space station is a digital floor pedal with a wide variety of effects. It requires AC power unlike the more common DC, it has one 1/4" input, two 1/4" outputs, a volume trim knob, two foot switches (bypass and bank), and one expression treadle.


Set up is simple with this pedal and getting a sound out of it is as easy as hitting the stomp switch. There are no user adjustable parameters for any of the effects with the exception of rocking the treadle. The manual is pretty much all you can expect with just a quick explanation of the effects and how to hook it up. It also describes what the treadle changes on each patch.


I mainly use this pedal in a guitar set up. Sound quality is an odd thing to comment on with this pedal since most of the sounds are meant to completely aletr your signal. The bypass however is terrible. There is an always active preamp connected to the volume trimmer and it is not a clear one at all. This pedal robs much of your high end when in bypass and can even clip at times. The switches are also pretty bad and can become intermittent easily. I always keep this box in a true bypass looper to solve both of these issues. My favorite sounds are the synth pads. They can be cheesy sounding at times but when used sparingly are great for creating sound scapes. They are basically cheaper versions of the sounds you get with higher end eventide boxes like the infamous U2 "shimmer" sound. It's a combined effect of massive delay, reverb, and pitch shifting in intervals like +5 and octave up. There are other useable sounds in it but without any user adjustable parameters they can be difficult to work into a tune.


For the money these used to cost it was hard to beat.I luckily bought my first when they were on clearance because they did not sell well and bought a second one for cheap as a backup when I noticed how bad it was made. Unfortunately they have been discontinued and the used prices are just all over the map. Kind of funny how that happens. If you can find one in good condition it's a great box to have around but be warned about the reliability of it. I have changed the switches in both of mine numerous times and have now modded them to use a sturdier, more reliable stomp switch.