DigiTech Genesis 1
DigiTech Genesis 1

Genesis 1, Multi-effetto per chitarra elettrica from DigiTech in the Genesis series.

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moosers 11/03/2010

DigiTech Genesis 1 : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The DigiTech Genesis 1 is a mutli-effects and amp modeling processor, designed for use with electric guitar but suitable with any electronic instrument of your choosing. It has 1/4" connections, so whatever you want to use it with must be compatible with that, as most things will be. However, I'll be discussing the Genesis 1 in relation to electric guitar, as that is what it is primarily made for and is the only instrument that I have experience with in tandem with the unit. It isn't a rack mountable piece of gear as it is comes in the form of a box (similar to the Line 6 POD).


Using the DigiTech Genesis 1 is a pretty simple task, as everything is designed to be user friendly and aimed at those who might not have as much experience as a professional would. On top you've got parameters for effects like compressor, modulation, reverb/delay, and a gate. Below that there fixed setting parameters that allow you to choose from both a plethora of amplifiers and cabinets. It then has more standard parameters to control your general tone like gain, bass, mid, treble, and level. A manual isn't necessary unless you feel you are lost just from looking at it...


While versatile, the sounds that you can get from the DigiTech Genesis 1 are below average in my opinion. They really just come off as lackluster at best. While it certainly seems like a good thing on paper, as you have pretty much every effect and amplifier/cabinet modeling combination that you could ask for, as far as I am concerned the sounds are just not up to a professional's standard. Perhaps this is just aimed as a lower end product, but the amplifier and cabinet emulations just don't sound very realistic to me at all. I always try to use real gear when I can, but there are some products out there that can replace them somewhat adequately - unfortunately, the DigiTech Genesis 1 isn't one of them.


While I believe that they stopped making the DigiTech Genesis 1, as they have a newer version out, you can still find them for sale new and used if you're interested in one. However, if you couldn't already tell I would recommend staying away from it. There are a number of other effects and amp modeling boxes out there that are much better, even if you have to spend a few extra bucks. If you're looking for something for your recording studio to help you add versatility to your possible guitar tones, check out any number of multi-effects systems and/or amp modeling software and hardware, as much of them are better than this one...