Dunlop UV-1 Uni-Vibe
Dunlop UV-1 Uni-Vibe
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mooseherman 03/03/2010

Dunlop UV-1 Uni-Vibe : Recensione di mooseherman (content in English)


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This is a really sweet pedal. It's technically a tremolo pedal, but it is more realistically a simulation of the Leslie speaker effect, in pedal form for the electric guitar. This is a great invention, considering that recording engineers for the Beatles and others had to rewire Leslie Speakers to attach them to guitar amps. This is a basic 1/4" connection (in/out), and this pedal is not MIDI-capable or rackable.


The effects editing on this guy is actually rather easy. There are only three knobs, one each for speed, volume, and intensity. I think the simplicity of this pedal is pretty liberating, in the sense that you can easily manipulate the effects on the fly. Some people might not be impressed with the lack of knobs, but I am convinced that the sound alone makes up for this.


The sound of this effect is good enough to justify the lack of controls on the pedal. With a rich tone that really does come pretty close to emulating an actual Leslie speaker, it's hard to go wrong with this pedal. I think the perfect example of this type of sound would be Jimi Hendrix's "Machine Gun" (even though I'm not sure it's this pedal that he's using). I don't really know how else to describe this pedal, except that its more natural-sounding then most of the products calling themselves "tremolo" effects these days. This thing gives your guitar a rich, shimmering sound that isn't quite tremolo, as it's a bit too fast for that and it isn't deep enough to really be obvious. Overall, I think this is a great sounding Leslie emulator. I haven't heard one that I can say is better than this.


When it comes to this pedal, the sound quality is definitely the best thing about it. It doesn't have a ton of control, but neither does a Leslie in real life, so when it comes down to actually emulating the real thing, it does it pretty much perfectly. I do sort of wish that there was more options available on it, but I guess I can buy other pedals for that. This thing is about $200 new, but it's probably going to be available used, so I'd have to recommend going that route with it. You won't be disappointed if you love classic tones and Leslie Speakers.