Samson Technologies Servo 120

Servo 120, Monitor/Speaker from Samson Technologies in the Servo series.

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Steve_Boudreaux 02/08/2011

Samson Technologies Servo 120 : Recensione di Steve_Boudreaux (content in English)

"Solid, Compact Power Amp"

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Nicest things about this amp are it's one-rack-space heigth, and passive, silent cooling. I've used this one for a small stage monitor amp, a high-frequency amp for a bi-amped rig, and as a main and sub amp for home audio. It has never let me down/ Fairly versatile- 1/4" and RCA inputs, thumb-screw or banana plug outputs, 4 or 8 ohm load.

Very good value, and good sound. 120 watts is not much, so don't expect it to drive too much, but used within it's design parameters, you will do just fine.