CM40, Monitor Passivo from JBL.

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moosers 23/06/2010

JBL CM40 : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The JBL Pro Control CM40's are a set of simple passive monitors that I've used for home audio purposes. I've got a pair of these in my house that are actually set up outside and connected to our main stereo system. I don't use them for any sort of professional audio purposes, as I've used them strictly for casual listening. These are pretty small speakers, making them easily mountable on a wall as we have them set up right now. They have speaker cable output connections in the back of it.


As far as the sound quality is concerned, the JBL Pro Control CM40's don't sound half bad. They aren't the fullest sounding speakers out there, but for simple listening with the radio, your iPod, or on CD, these get the job done just fine. I haven't ever checked a mix on these or anything like that, as I really don't think that they are suitable for that kind of use in any capacity. I guess you could use them to A/B mixes, as most mixes will benefit from this on almost any speaker setting, but I've yet to do this with the CM40's so I can't really speak to this application of the speakers.


I honestly don't know much about the background of the JBL Pro CM40's, but they have served me well in a home audio setting. I can't say that I'd recommend these for anything other than listening in a home theater or stereo system setting, but for this type of use they work fine. They aren't the best sounding home speakers that I've heard by a long shot, but for a cheaper and smaller set of monitors, they're just fine. I wouldn't recommend seeking out a pair of the Control CM40's, but if you stumble upon them for a cheap enough price and need a pair of speakers for your home stereo, they'll definitely get the job done...