Samsung Syncmaster 213T
Samsung Syncmaster 213T

Syncmaster 213T, Monitor LCD from Samsung.

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moosers 29/09/2011

Samsung Syncmaster 213T : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Samsung Syncmaster 213 T is an LCD monitor for your desktop computer. I don't own of these but I recently worked out of a new studio for a few days and they had this as their main monitor. While it was adequate for viewing Pro Tools, I wouldn't say that it's ideal since it's not huge. It's a 21" screen, but it's not wide screen which is really the only downfall as it's otherwise a good monitor. The studio that I worked with it at actually didn't have it set up as their main monitor, but rather an extra in the back that was set up so others could view Pro Tools if you weren't sitting right at the console. It certainly did the job for this purpose and will be just fine in almost any studio setting. It's not quite something like an Apple Cinema or something a bit higher end or more modern, but it's still a decent monitor that will do the job most of the time, especially in home studio situations. I don't have a monitor at home since I use a lap top, but I'd be open to exploring the Samsung Syncmaster 213 T as a low cost monitor option if I was looking for one. You can always get better, but since this one is a bit on the older side, you should be able to get it for pretty cheap. If not, it's probably not worth it since it's really nothing special in my opinion when compared to other monitors out there. Monitors are getting cheaper and cheaper these days so there's no reason to settle for something that isn't great for a cheap price. I'd check out the Samsung Syncmaster 213 T, but be sure to do your full homework before choosing a monitor.