LSR4328P, Monitor Attivo from JBL in the LSR series.

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theaudioandvideoguy 26/06/2012

JBL LSR4328P : Recensione di theaudioandvideoguy (content in English)

"universal sound"

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The JBL Pro LSR 4328p are a great set of studio monitors that are affordable enough for you to have at home and use. If you spend enough time understand them you will get great quality like your song was mixed in a top notch studio. The response on this monitors is very flat, especially the low end of it is flat and not over powering. The sound is very accurate and mostly anywhere I put the song into and listen to it, it will sound the same way it did when I was mixing it in the JBL Pro LSR 4338p’s. It did take some time for me to get to understand them, which is normal. Everyone should take some time to really get to understand their monitors and how far they can push certain sounds and frequencies without over doing it. Its basically just an overall process of understand how your monitors will sound stacked up against other systems with the same song.


The sound is great for mixing and mastering. I have even just used them to listen to music on you tube before and they still push out great quality of you tube horrible compression that they put on there songs and videos.


Overall, JBL has put out a great set of monitors that you can still purchase new in some stores and you can grab them used online from a number of different places. I have been using these off and on for about the last year or so just depending on what type of music im listening to or mixing down. Using these at home has really helped me take my music to another level. With so many different monitor options on the market today its hard to find the right one that will work. These will work for you, thanks to JBL