LSR4328P, Monitor Attivo from JBL in the LSR series.

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gregsguitarlessons 02/05/2012

JBL LSR4328P : Recensione di gregsguitarlessons (content in English)


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I found these used on craigslist for such a deal, that i had planned on selling them for a profit. After setting them up in the studio, I realized that they weren't going anywhere.

I was intruiged by the feature set, but I was most interested in the RMC (room mode correction). Having said that, I was so impressed with how they sounded in my room, that I never bothered to use it!

I also love the I/O options on the back, including USB!


I use them for both tracking / mixing/ mastering in the studio, but also for my hifi turntable, and often with my laptop. They are truly great sounding speakers. I've upgraded from Event 20/20p's, and I still have yamaha ns10's in the current rig.

The JBL's are much more detailed and defined than the NS10's. They feel like they have a flat response in my treated room, but I know that they have boost to the lows (and highs).

They have great dynamics, and they sound equally detailed at both low and high volumes.


JBL really thought of the perfect monitor with the updated LSR series. They got it to sound right, then packed it with features. cat5 to daisy chain multiple monitors, RMC, volume buttons, as well as MY FAVORITE FEATURE.......a front facing power button. I can't believe it took so long for someone to do that!