LSR2325P, Monitor Attivo from JBL in the LSR series.

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stompboxjon 23/10/2012

JBL LSR2325P : Recensione di stompboxjon (content in English)

"Bass is great"

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The JBL LSR2325P cost 200 USB a piece and they have a 5” woofer and 1”tweeter. On the back of the monitor you can turn it on and off, turn it up and down, and you even have a HF and LF trim option. All of the options on the back of the LSR2325P are great to have because you can change those parameters to fit the style of room you are in, mainly the size of the room. The LSR2325P have balanced XLR and ¼ TRS inputs, also RCA unbalanced input connectors if you are using some older mixing units.


The sound is clean, and big. For the price of these monitors you won't find many others that can compete in the sound they provide. I have used these monitors for months now and I can get a full mixing session done with them and be 100 percent satisfied after going on and testing the mix in a few different audio systems. You just can not beat what you get with these monitors.


One of these monitors weighs about 15 pounds, they are very solid and will last you a long time. They are about a foot tall and 7 inches wide. They can fit on your workstation desk or you can put them on a stand. They are magnetic shielded with a frequency range of 43Hz-20kHz. With the LSR2325P you will have the right tool to get a great sounding mix in no time. I recommend these to a lot of home musicians that want to get a good sound and don’t have a ton of money to spend for monitors. These are the best for the price range.