Dynaudio BM15A
Dynaudio BM15A

BM15A, Monitor Attivo from Dynaudio in the BM series.

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mooseherman 28/04/2010

Dynaudio BM15A : Recensione di mooseherman (content in English)


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These are the primary active studio monitors in the studio that I work at. These are a pretty flexible monitor, having a rather balanced sound that is useful for many different kinds of projects. These are active, thus not requiring the power supply that you need for a passive monitor. I have mainly used these monitors, or even heard them in action, while recording jazz, r&b, latin jazz, and rock sessions in Pro Tools HD 8. I've also been impressed with how they handle mixing film scores. I think that these sound pretty good because of their low end.


The stereo image is among the best that I've heard in studio monitors. I haven't been familiar with too many different pairs of monitors, but I'd have to say that these are my favorites that I've used. The dynamics and EQ spectrum are both really responsive, and the speakers are good about picking up the most minute details. My biggest frustration with monitors in general is their lack of attention in the low end of the spectrum. These are great about making everything far more audible. I don't know why the question above asks about effects, these are monitors and don't have effects.


I can't really say much more about these monitors, they are simply a solid monitoring system. I would say that even though they are extremely expensive, they are worth it in the long run, mainly because no matter how much other gear you buy, mixing is going to be difficult without a pair of good monitors. I think once I can finally afford my dream pair, that I would probably go with these.