Behringer Truth B2031A
Behringer Truth B2031A

Truth B2031A, Monitor Attivo from Behringer in the Truth series.

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afterglow479 01/10/2008

Behringer Truth B2031A : Recensione di afterglow479 (content in English)


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I do not own these speakers, but I have mixed on them before. My friend's home studio is equipped with a pair of these budget active monitors as his main reference pair. While they do sound better than your average pair of computer speakers, the sound quality is really not very good. I mixed on them for one day before deciding it was worth it to pack up a pair of my own monitors and bring them over rather than having to use this pair. No amp needed since these are active - the amp is inside.


The response curve is not very neutral. It sounds to me like there is a big spike around 4 and 5k, and the of course the low bass is not well represented. I am pretty sure that somehow I was getting a delay in one of the speakers of maybe 1 or 2ms, something that was just enough to mess up and tilt the stereo image. That makes me think that these monitors are pretty poorly crafted. So there you have hyped mids, weak bass, and a smeared image. This pair really doesn't do well in the sounds category. The dynamics are hard to judge because of the bit of smearing that goes on, so I guess I'd have to go with they are lousy.


I used these for many hours of mixing, and hope to never have to again. I really felt like I couldn't accurately judge what I was listening to. Obviously a good point on these speakers is the very low cost. These are some of the cheapest "studio monitors" you can get. However you definitely don't get a lot of quality for your money. I would really recommend to anyone going for their first pair of monitors to maybe get a pair of the KRK RP5's or something as a cheap alternative. Those don't sound that great either, but they're a lot better than these. I wouldn't recommend these.