Behringer Truth B2031A
Behringer Truth B2031A

Truth B2031A, Monitor Attivo from Behringer in the Truth series.

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FP User 01/11/2008

Behringer Truth B2031A : Recensione di FP User (content in English)


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For the money ($300 USD) these have everything you need, the bass and treble cutoffs can be set to sound good in almost any studio environment, and i love the auto shutoff option no more on /off when you leave the studio, these shut themselves off, and then when a sound is played the automatically come back on. with the amp on the back they weigh a bit and if you pump em with out isolation they WILL rattle yourwhole spot i put AURALEX monitor isolators underneath mine

Price paid

$300 USD


The sound quality of the behringer is very solid the bottom end is thick even at high volumes,the highs are a bit crispy sometimes, but this can be compensated for by the crossover switches on the back of the monitors. there is a superb wide sweet spot when your directly in front of the monitors (mine are about 4 to 5 feet in front of me depending on where im sitting). i really couldnt find a weak point in these monitors i have 2 pair both are crossed over differently, so i can hear every little blip pop or thud , i give them overall a 9 would be perfect with a tighter bass response and a bit more power handling capability but for a studio on a budget these cant be beat.


The useability ...a caveman could use em =) they come with 1/4" sound cables and power cords..basically there plug and play ( i would recommend setting the cutoffs to your set up for maximun sound quality )

i have pumped these into oblivion playd em til the limit light was glowing red (just to see ) and they sustained beautifull i control mine with a tascam US-428, these monitors are straight hard if you blow em your just a destructive ass or deaf..or both .. i have yet to have one problem out of either set of mine!

after having a set of edirol's near field monitors that were passive to go to these was a real joy. i fell in love with mine the moment i heard a hard bass drop from one of my mixes, they sound great, there reliable, and there affordable .. nuff said

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