Barefoot Sound mm27

mm27, Monitor Attivo from Barefoot Sound.

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moosers 23/04/2010

Barefoot Sound mm27 : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Barefoot Sound Micro Main 27 comes as single studio monitor that can be used for use of any type. I've used a stereo pair of these 3 way monitors. It's extremely unique in the fact that it has speakers on all sides except for the back. This is an active monitor, so no external power amplifier is necessary. It's got XLR connections in the back as well as tuning options as well. The Micro Main 27s are pretty huge, and advertise as being near field monitors, which is what I used them for, but also can be used as main monitors and they also say that you can use them for mastering, which I'm not surprised about considering how good they sound. However, I personally have not used them for this sort of use.


Without exaggerating, the Barefoot Sound Micro Main 27s are up there with the best sounding monitors I've used. Perhaps there are other monitors I've used that have a comparable sound quality, but I can't think of another pair that I can say that I like better than these. The sound is extremely detailed, crisp, and full, as they show all the detail in the sound and cover the full range of frequencies necessary to adequately do so. They are also incredible versatile - perhaps more so than any other monitor that I've seen. They almost sound too good...


I don't think that you'll be seeing the Barefoot Sound Micro Main 27s in any home studio any time soon, unless of course it is a professional working from home. These monitors are simply too expensive for use outside professional recording studios. Most home studio owners probably won't need this much versatility, but for a professional this amount of versatility is often needed. If you ever have the chance to use the Barefoot Sound Micro Main 27 monitors, you'll be in the presence of greatness!