Roland JV-1010
Roland JV-1010

JV-1010, Modulo sonoro from Roland in the JV series.

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moosers 15/10/2010

Roland JV-1010 : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Roland JV-1010 is a MIDI sound module that consists of a variety of different sounds. It's an older model, but still compares well to today's sounds and is a good bargain when you buy a used one of these. In terms of general characteristics, it isn't rack mountable as it's about the third the size of a single rack space. It has connections for MIDI input, output, and thru, as well as 1/4" stereo outputs and a computer port of some sort that I didn't need to use since I was using it via MIDI.


In general the Roland JV-1010 is a pretty easy little sound module to use. Once you've made the proper connections, operating it and getting the full scope of the sounds it has to offer isn't too hard. I've only used this on a handful of occasions, so there are definitely aspects of the sounds to it that I've yet to explore. Getting it's basic sounds and presets as it has scrollers for getting to the presets and for saving your own. Once you get the hang of it I think you'll find it to be pretty simple, but if you're thinking you might be lost it might be a good idea to have the manual to get started with.


The sounds on the Roland JV-1010 are definitely realistic enough in my opinion. While they aren't earth shattering, they'll give you a nice handful of basic sounds and beyond here. I like synth and organ sounds the best, as they seem to come off as the most authentic to me. I've certainly heard better sound MIDI sound modules by today's standard, but also considering that this is a bit older, it's definitely got some cool sounds.


While not the best sounding MIDI module out there when compared to those of today, the Roland JV-1010 is a great little box that is easily transported and has a plethora of sounds. There are plenty of these hanging around out there to be bought, so even though this is older and is no longer being made, it should be easy enough to find one at a reasonable price from somebody. If you're interested in something like this, it's definitely an option worth exploring as a portable MIDI module.