Tech 21 Trademark 60 1x12
Tech 21 Trademark 60 1x12

Trademark 60 1x12, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Tech 21 in the Trademark series.

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nickname009 07/02/2012

Tech 21 Trademark 60 1x12 : Recensione di nickname009 (content in English)


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Master section features active Low and High EQ controls, master Reverb and Boost. Midrange is individually controlled by Punch in Channel 1 and by Growl in Channel 2. Top-of-the-line, full-length Accutronics® 6-spring reverb. Boost function, for solos, increases the volume level up to 9dB without altering your tone. Unique Link button connects the Boost and Reverb functions to increase the size of your sound as well as the volume. Headphone output, which doubles as a 1/4” direct out. Multi-function footswitch (included) selects channels, activates the Reverb and Boost functions and engages the Effect Loop. Utilizes any standard 1/4” instrument or speaker cable.

Celestion® Seventy 80 speaker.

This is a pretty solid amp. Solidstate, but analog distortion with not many features in terms of effects, but many usable features for live use and if you have a good pedalboard you can get away with playin any gig with this amp.


It's an amp. Set the knobs, turn it on, set the levels and go for it!!

It's quite difficult to get a bad sound out of this amp if the knobs are starting all at noon.


I've got to say, tech21 has been around for a long time, a very long time. Their stuff has always been very innovative and actually not too shabby for what it is. I'm not really sure why I haven't reviewed these earlier when they were 'trendy' but maybe some players will still find this useful. These amps are still around for a reason, and that is that they sound pretty damn good for what they are. The cleans I cannot get enough of, they're bright and twangy and chimey, everything you'd want it to be and it sounds great!

The distortion is where my opinion may differ from other players. Although it sounds VERY good, it is definitely not tube-like distortion. These are titled modeling amps to model after tube amps but with solidstate circuitry and although these amps are analog solidstate, it's a very good analog solidstate sound. But definitely doesn't sound like a tube amp.

Of course it depends on what you're going for, if you're a tone purist you'd probably stay away from the trademark. I personally have been able to comp some decent tones out of the T60 and wouldn't mind gigging with it in any situation if given the option. However at the same time, I think modeling has come so very far these days that the T60 is like the older 'version' that people aren't really going for anymore. There are better ones out there now that are in the same price range and might be worth looking at.


I think it's a decent amp. If you can pick one up for a good price go for it. But again, the technology is a tad old in terms of modeling. Because modeling has become so advanced and even closer to the real deal that the T60s are just like the older versions. So if you're a huge tone purist you may not suffice with this, or if you're looking for the newest best thing that sounds as close to a tube amp as possible this may not be your thing either. But if you're just looking for a decently priced amp with an AMAZING clean and decent distortion, this is worth looking into.