Roland Cube-15X
Roland Cube-15X

Cube-15X, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Roland in the Cube series.

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moosers 14/02/2010

Roland Cube-15X : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Roland Cube-15X is a 15 watt practice amplifier with a good amount of control for a smaller amp. The amp is solid state based with a single 8" speaker. As far as connections go, it has a 1/4" input for your instrument and a 1/4" output as well as a mini-jack for plugging in a CD player or something like that.


The make up of the Roland Cube-15X is pretty basic, but the amp does allow for a good amount of control over your sound, especially for a small, 15 watt amp. It has a three band equalizer as well as a lead section with four presets and gain and volume parameters. It also has a button for power squeezing and a clean volume knob. I've never seen a manual nor have I ever had a need to check one out as everything is generally self explanatory.


The Roland Cube-15X is certainly one of the more versatile guitar amps in the 15 watt range. It is definitely a cool thing to have built in distortion in a variety of different modes. I've used the amp for strictly practicing with a Fender Jazzmaster, and don't think that I would recommend it for any sort of use - certainly not for live shows and recording with it would be a stretch. This is really a practice amp for the player looking for a small, portable amp with a big, versatile sound.


I can't say that I would recommend the Roland Cube 15X for anyone other than the player looking for a small amp to practice on. It is really a beginner's amp, but has a good enough sound quality that I can see it being used by experienced users for practicing as well. The price isn't too cheap or too expensive for a 15 watt amp, if anything I'd say it is a good deal considering all the built in amenities. As far as practicing amps go, the Roland Cube-15X should be on everyone's list who is in the market for one.