Line 6 Spider IV 30
Line 6 Spider IV 30

Spider IV 30, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Line 6 in the Spider IV series.

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Mattfig 21/06/2012

Line 6 Spider IV 30 : Recensione di Mattfig (content in English)

"Pretty nifty"

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Nice little amp for practice....

Speaker: 12" Custom Celestion® Speaker

16 Amp Models:
Green and Red versions of:
Class A
Hi Gain

20 Smart FX:
Red Comp
Fuzz Pi
Auto Wah
Auto Swell
Pitch Glide
Smart Harmony
Sine Chorus
Line 6 Flanger
Opto Trem
Bias Trem
Digital Delay
Analogue w/Mod
Tape Echo
Sweep Echo
Lux Spring
Vintage Plate
and Tap Tempo
Up to 4 at once

Adjustable Gate

Adjustable Boost

300+ Artist-created Presets
Almost 200 Song-based Presets
64 User- programmable Presets
4 channels

Direct Out
CD/MP3 jack
FBV jack

Built-in front- panel chromatic tuner

20.75"W x 19.25"H x 11"D

36 lbs.

It's loud if you want it to be...And, being solid state, it sounds the same at lower volumes...


It really depends on what you consider a "good" sound...For a touring pro I would say there is no such sound on this amp...For a bedroom/basement setup this thing is fine...Easy to get good sounds and easily tweakble...The FX are alright but you don't have controls over the parameters to adjust the sounds...It's on or off with a mild amount of wet/dry control...

It works easily and well...Nice speaker inside too....The manual is actually quite useful....


I use a lot of different guitars and they all sound alright they this amp....Single coils can get very abrasive on this amp so beware...It likes hum buckers...

I hate that you can't control the FX much at all...They went through the trouble of adding them and then just hardwired some crappy parameters rendering the FX almost useless to me....

The EQ is good....Standard frequency curve...No surprises...


You get what you pay for....

It's easy to use, lightweight, and fun to play with...But not passable in pro settings....More than capable of satisfying bedroom or basement setups....

The sounds are far from spot on...They are mere ballpark efforts thru a solid state amp...You get what you pay for....