Fender Mustang III
Fender Mustang III

Mustang III, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Fender in the Mustang Amp series.

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ericthegreat 26/10/2011

Fender Mustang III : Recensione di ericthegreat (content in English)

"Loving the mustang"

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First of all, the is a lot larger than I expected, the picture doesn't really do it justice. It is a really great looking amp, but more importantly is the sound. I have played several other amps (Fenders Marshalls and Oranges mainly) and as far as sound quality goes, this one definitely holds up. It has built in amp modeling so it can make itself sound like some really popular and vintage amps. These modeling are definitely accurate as far as tone and other specificities that each amp holds, but of course it isn't able to make a perfect match.


Everything with this amp suits my needs in amps. I love the mustang!


I have not seen a solid state amp with the feel and tone that this gem has. Including line6,vox valvetronics,Fender CyberTwin,Peavey Vypyr,boss GT10, digitech GSP1101, Johnson and Rp series. I can go on and on, I have owned them all, accept the "Fabled" Fractal Audio Axe-Fxe Ultra, which maybe someday I'll have to end all this gas madness. For right now I love this little mustang and it works like a champ at my band rehearsals and live gigs with a mic in front of it, wall of sound


However, these sounds are very high quality, and in my opinion, they sound great. At first it does sound like a really nice tube amp, but a well experienced ear can probably tell the difference. But that isn't to say that it isn't a nice amp, especially for the cost. Additionally, it has a wide variety of effects that really add a lot to it and are equally very high quality, and the fact that you completely customize each really sells me on it. I can't say anything about reliability really because I haven't had it for long at all, but I can say it is very well constructed and I am expecting it to last very long. The controls are all easy to use (and actually make sense) and it is able to get very loud. All around a superb purchase