Soundcraft F1 16
Soundcraft F1 16

F1 16, Mixer Analogico from Soundcraft belonging to the Spirit F1 model.

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Audiofanzine FR 12/12/2008

Soundcraft F1 16 : Recensione di Audiofanzine FR (content in English)


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(Originally written by Peaveycroquette/translated from Audiofanzine FR)

Practical and well-designed mixer offering many possibilities in spite of its compact size and its light weight.


It wasn't difficult to learn how to use it, even for a beginner like me when I bought it. It provides all basic functions you can expect from a small mixer.

I like especially the possibility to switch the Aux 3 to pre-fader.

The long faders are pleasant but a bit too soft for my taste.

I haven't opened the user's manual!


The mixer has a transparent sound. I tested it for mixing using Logic Audio in the box or with the Spirit as a summing device, and I can hardly hear or see (with the max. waveform zoom in the sequencer) any sound difference. See HERE ( ) to see me talking about the comparison.

Maybe the problem comes from the fact that it sounds too transparent! But in this price range you can't expect too much.


I've been using this mixer for about 9 months for live (rehearsals) and home studio applications.

I like its simple design, conception and manufacturing quality. As I mentioned above, a stronger sound character would be better but that would be expecting too much considering the price.