Shure PG48
Shure PG48
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stompboxjon 22/05/2012

Shure PG48 : Recensione di stompboxjon (content in English)

"its ok"

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The Shure PG 48 was a mic that I purchased years ago, probably around 6 years ago just because I needed a mic to record with on my laptop from home. Just do lay some pretty basic vocals down. I didn’t even have an audio interface at the time I just had the right wire connections and plugged it right into the mic in port on my laptop. When I purchased the Shure PG 48 for around 60 bucks or so I was very skeptical , I normally don’t use mics that are that cheap because that’s exactly it, they are cheap and provide poor quality.


Now I wont sit here and say that it sounds perfect and there wasn’t a need to upgrade to a different mic or anything like that. Because it wasn’t perfect, (could have been better if I had an audio interface at the time). But just using it how it was on my laptop still gave me the decent recordings that I needed to get some ideas and know which direction I wanted to go when I really went to the studio to lay the song down. But I don’t think its possible for this mic to be used as a main mic even in your house because it just doesn’t provide a clear enough natural sound. Everything kinda sounded muffled and really low quality to me. But It really didn’t matter because I didn’t need great quality just to record some stuff on the go with my laptop. So it served its purpose for a few months. Shure should have put a little more effort into making this mic a better quality even if they had to raise the price of a little bit. There are already enough cheap mics on the market that provide similar quality to this one. If you are just starting out, this could work for you or if you just need something simple to demo with it could work. But you wont get quality that you are happy with or quality that could be your master.